Thursday, March 3, 2016

His At Last by Brenna Zinn


For ten long years Carter Lang’s secret desire for Leslie Brighten burned relentlessly. His secretary and fifteen years his junior, Leslie was off limits—a potential liability Carter refused to chance. But on the day of his early retirement, Carter discovers Leslie in an erotic situation that not only changes his mind about pursuing the beautiful object of his intense passion, it will change his life forever.

My Review

 For a short read...the author is definitely getting their point across in this book...I will have to say...I definitely enjoyed my SEXY adventure with these two characters Carter Lang & Leslie Brighten...Will definitely be back to read more from this author...5 Star read for me :)

Star Rating



  1. Okay I'm intrigued to know what situation he discovered her in!

  2. It's well worth a read...i'm not going to ruin it..if you pick up the book...please share your review with me...would love to see what you think of it as well the hotness included :)