Friday, January 30, 2015

Coyote Heat (SEALs On Fire #1) by Desiree Holt

Miguel “Coyote” Cruz is happy to join his SEAL Team Arapaho teammates for a wild weekend at Key West. After all, they just came off a particularly tough mission and Coyote is ready to let it all hang out. The love ‘em and leave ‘em Cruz sees the female population of the tourist town as a veritable banquet for him. The last thing he expects is to meet a woman who gives new meaning to hot sex but who also singes his heart. What’s a no-commitment SEAL to do?

My Review: 4.5 stars for me...but i love COYOTE!!! Sounds like an awesome guy...not a wham bam thank you mam guy....a sweep you off your feet kind of guy!!!
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Night Myst (Indigo Court #1) by Yasmine Galenorn

Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic enemy more powerful than they imagined. Now Myst, the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court, has enough power to begin a long prophesied supernatural war. And Cicely Waters, a witch who can control the wind, may be the only one who can stop her-and save her beloved Fae prince from the Queen's enslavement.

Cicely Waters, a witch who can control the wind, has returned home to New Forest, Washington, after learning that her family is in danger. The Indigo Court holds the city in fear. People are vanishing, and strange deaths plague the town. And when she is swept into an unexpected and passionate reunion with Grieve, the Fae prince who taught her how to harness the wind, Cicely finds herself with a fierce and territorial lover.

But Greive has been enslaved in Myst's court, and now, caught betwen two evils, the lovers must survive the machinations of the Vampiric Fae queen, even as Cicely untangles the hidden secrets to her own heritage.

My Review: i so loved this book can't wait to read the other ones in the series...5 Star from me!!!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

10 Shades Of Seduction Anthology

Are you aching for more shade? 

The experts in erotic romance invite you to delve deeper into the tantalizing world of BDSM with a selection of delightfully wicked novellas that will ignite your senses. Explore your darkest fantasies with ten daring, intense stories by some of the biggest names in the genre. If you're looking for a lip-bitingly sexy escape, 10 Shades of Seduction will claim you. 

You know you want it…. 

Sarah McCarty 

Tiffany Reisz 

Alison Tyler 

Lisa Renee Jones 

Portia Da Costa 

Saskia Walker 

Anne Calhoun 

Alegra Verde

My Review: Can't wait to read some individual books by these awesome authors...these stories really had hello ladies...!!!
Star Rating: If i could give you all 5 Star I would...but i guess the book itself gets the credit...but i would love to say formost...great work...what the heck book gets 5 all get 5 Star!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Wedding Affair by Leigh Michaels

You're invited to the wedding of the year!

The Duke of Somervale, whose sister's wedding is the event of the ton, is fighting off debutantes and desperately needs help from beautiful, stubborn Olivia Reyne. But she is engrossed with problems engulfing her dearest friends and family. The last thing Olivia needs is to be embroiled with a duke whose dark gaze makes her forget herself entirely...

Discover a new side of a beloved author as Leigh Michaels draws you into the glittering, glitzy world of Regency England and an affair you'll never forget.

My Review: I really liked this was very well written...and i really enjoyed my adventures with this book!!!
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars!

My Lord Eternity (Immortal Rogues #2) by Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy, author of the Guardians of Eternity series, draws readers deeper into the world of the Immortal Rogues--three vampires entrusted to protect the future of their kind...

To other vampires, mortals are weak, uninteresting creatures. To Lucien Valin, they are infinitely fascinating. Especially Jocelyn Kingly--once the prize of London society, now an outcast. As the vampire assigned to guard her, Lucien is relishing his task. But her beguiling goodness puts her in terrifying danger. Not just from the traitor intent on claiming her mysterious amulet, but from the desire Lucien struggles to keep in check.

Youthful infatuation already cost Jocelyn her good name. But even with little to lose, instinct tells her that accepting Lucien as a tenant in her home is a devil's bargain. As she roams London's streets at night, helping the most wretched, she feels a dark force drawing near. And Lucien--magnetic, charming, irresistible--may turn out to be her savior, her lover, or the means to change her destiny forever.

My Review: I again feel in love with Lucien....very hot...and very manly...and seductive...Jocelyn is so lucky...when i read this...i was her...and i loved the adventures...with Jocelyn & Lucien...
Star Rating: 5 Star!

My Lord Vampire (Immortal Rogues #1) by Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy, author of the 'Guardians of Eternity' series, introduced the 'Immortal Rogues' - three vampires duty-bound to protect their own kind even as they fall prey to mortal desires.

My Review: I feel in love with the main vampire in this book...he is so basically you have to read the book to find out...cause this book is a must...actually all 3 books are a must read...i just got book 3 so i will definitely have to go back and read 1-2 #2 review coming up in a few minutes...!!!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Possessed By An Immortal (Horsemen #2) by Sharon Ashwood

Can a mother in jeopardy melt the heart of a jaded vampire?

After witnessing a murder, Bree Meadows is on the run with her young son. But the bad guys are in hot pursuit. Dropped in the middle of nowhere amid a torrential thunderstorm, things look pretty grim. To make matters worse, her son is in desperate need of medical attention.

Mark Winspear has been alone for too long. When the vampire senses a gorgeous female nearby, he discovers that her swift, selfless courage pulls at his instincts.The doctor has history with the same men who are after Bree--and he's ready for revenge. Working together now, they discover an attraction that might save them both--if they're lucky.

My Review: This book was i know why you told me to read book 1 first...hee hee my bad...but yeah Bree & Mark and Bree's little boy...well basically when i read this book i put myself where Bree is in the book and i just go with was a very awesome read i loved my adventure...with Bree and Mark!!!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Just One Bite Volume 6 Anthology

From vampires to werewolves, and shapeshifters in all shapes and sizes, All Romance is proud to bring you paranormal M/M romance at its best with the 2011 Just One Bite M/M finalists.

My Review: As i've said before for the first 5 books...i loved my its an MM Romance...or a plain MF it dosent matter to was an awesome book for the finish...and that is that for this group of anthologies...!!!

Star Rating: 5 Star!

Just One Bite Volume 5 Anthology

My Review: Well just like Vol. 4 There was no i will leave piece of advice if you are looking for erotica...these books cup of tea...but you can be the judge of you own decision...when you give these books and authors a chance...cause i loved every story...and loved my adventures!

Star Rating: 5 Star!

Just One Bite Volume 4 Anthology

 My Review: Theres some really good stories in this book...theres quite a few stories in this book by some awesome authors...i can't give you the description on the book...cause its not on goodreads...but...i can tell you one thing just like the other 3 books...i always enjoy my adventure!

Star Rating: 5 Star

Just One Bite Volume 3 Anthology

Have you ever wanted a sweet escape from reality...

Ever dreamt about living forever or running through a field with a faery? Want to battle a baselisk or pilot a starship? Have you ever been visited by a ghost or looked at a cat and wondered if he was really something more? Do you want to learn your future, run from your past, or fly high on wings of love? ARe's Just One Bite Anthology Volume 3... paranormal romance has never been so sweet.

1. My Sweet Immortal by Rachel Carrington
2. Just Like in the Movies by Daryn Cross & LJ DeLeon
3. First Date by Madeleine Drake
4. Serendipity... or Something Like That by Jane Kent
5. The Fortune Teller by Selena Kitt
6. Wolf in the Night by Runere McLain
7. Eternally Yours by Christine McKay
8. Warrior's Heart by Alicia Nordwell
9. Complicated Cargo by Frances Pauli
10. Midsummer Daisies by Molly Ringle
11. Something Fishy by Angela Spencer
12. Purr-fect Timing by Kari Thomas

My Review: Short and sweet review...when i say just like the first 2 books i really enjoyed my adventure!!!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Just One Bite Volume Two Anthology

Vamps and Weres and Fae, oh my!

Throw in some Angels and Demons and Ghosts, add some spicy sex, and you've got the perfect recipe for one hot read. ARe's Just One Bite Anthology Volume 2 brings you the best of paranormal erotic romance from some of your favorite authors.

1. First Time Fang Bang by Victoria Blisse
2. Ghost Beside by Kathleen Dienne
3. Fangs, Fur, and Fae by Marie Harte
4. Secured Heart by Yvette Hines
5. Bite Me by Jambrea Jo Jones
6. Something Wild by Tracey H. Kitts
7. Lilith by Karalynn Lee
8. Unforgettable by Amanda McIntyre
9. My Soul to Stele by Bethany Michaels
10. Wolf Bait by Virginia Nelson
11. Charisma by Linda Palmer
12. Salute Your Shifter by Dahlia Rose
13. Falling by Rosalie Stanton
14. The Hungering Wolf by Brenda Williamson

My Review: I really enjoyed every story i read...i basically loved...every minute with the characters and really enjoyed my adventures!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Just One Bite Volume 1 Anthology

Celebrate the best of M/M paranormal romance...

A genie who learns wishes can come true, a love that span time or can save a kingdom, a reluctant vamp, enemies who become lovers, and magic that will warm your soul, there's something for everyone in Volume 1 of ARe's Just One Bite.

1. The Unlikely Vampire by Scarlet Blackwell
2. Sacrifice by J.L. Merrow
3. One Last Wish by Josephine Myles
4. Mayan Time by Erik Orrantia
5. Fire Can Make It Rain by Nix Winter
6. The Hunter & the Hunted by Stevie Woods

My Review: These stories by the authors...i loved sharing each moment with their characters...loved it!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Interview With A Master (Interview With A Master #1) by Jason Luke

It's the interview like no other.
It's the interview of a lifetime.
It's THE Interview with a Master.
When Jonah Noble reveals details of his life within the world of BDSM, the tale he tells is intensely erotic, profoundly sensual, and brutally honest.
This is His world. His way.
There is only one question the man will not answer…

(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language)

My Review: This book was very detailed...and very detailed it was...and very hot...can't wait to read book 2....
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Possessed By A Warrior (Horsemen #1) by Sharon Ashwood

A dazzling dress is wreaking havoc�and costing lives… 
The violent death of her uncle sends Chloe Anderson reeling�and rushing to his estate. As coexecutor of Jack's will, she assumes that he has left her something. What she doesn't expect is a bejeweled wedding gown with a note warning her to trust only his business partner�dark, mysterious and sexy Sam Ralston. 
Chloe's been burned in love, but never bitten, and there's something about Sam that keeps drawing her in, despite her fears. The attraction is mutual, intense, and it takes all of Sam's willpower to hide his fangs. With Chloe's career at stake and murderous thieves hot on their trail, the vampire vows to protect her. But can he save her from himself?

My Review: loved this book...very cool....Chloe & Sam are very awesome characters...i had fun with my adventure with them...back into(fresh) Possessed By An Immortal!!!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

On Midnight Wings (The Maker's Song #5) by Adrian Phoenix



As Dante Baptiste’s true identity as both True Blood and Fallen ripples throughout New Orleans, he and Heather struggle for their lives against different foes, fighting their way back to each other. To free herself from her father’s treachery, Heather accepts help from an ally–and steps into even greater danger. Dante, lost to his brutal past, wavers between his own sense of self and the Bad Seed-programmed S that lurks within, between the never-ending Road and the Great Destroyer. And the danger of becoming both.


Lucien searches frantically for the lovers, all too aware that time is running out. Dark forces continue to gather, eager to possess and manipulate the young vampire for their own ends. The fate of mortals, nightkind, and the Fallen pivots around Dante as he struggles to piece together his shattered psyche and gain control of his power before he rips all three worlds asunder.

My Review: I was really surprised when I messaged the author and she told me she was working on book i said before...i was in it all the way with Heather & Dante...can't wait to continue my adventure with them!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Etched In Bone (The Maker's Song #4) by Adrian Phoenix



More beautiful and powerful than any creature the world has ever seen, Dante Baptiste has become the supreme target of the three worlds that spawned him. The mortal agents of the Shadow Branch have tried to control his mind through psychological torture. The vampire elders who guide nightkind society have plotted to use him in their bloodthirsty bid for power. And the Fallen have waited for millennia for Dante to claim his birthright as their Maker. But Dante belongs to no one - except the woman he loves. . . . 


Determined to face the Fallen and the world on his own terms, Dante hopes to piece together his shattered past and claim his future, with FBI agent Heather Wallace at his side. But in Heather's human family awaits an unexpected enemy. One who could rip Heather from Dante's heart and fill the holes with bullets. One who could force Dante to choose his darkest destiny - as the Great Destroyer. . . .

My Review: I so loved this book as much as I loved the first three...i fell in love with Dante...all the way!
Star Rating: 5 Star

Beneath The Skin (The Maker's Song #3) by Adrian Phoenix

The dark pieces of vampire rock star Dante Baptiste's past are violently emerging, and it is only a matter of time before the Fallen discover he is the creawdwr they have sought for thousands of years. The destruction he left behind in Oregon threatens to reveal his identity as Fallen Maker and True Blood, exposing the young nightkind to shadowy predators -- mortal and supernatural -- who will do whatever it takes to win his favor...or destroy him.
When beautiful FBI special agent Heather Wallace went AWOL on assignment, she chose irresistible Dante over the shady government forces that now stalk them both. Heather has her own secrets of the past to uncover, but she is also the only one who can hold her nightkind lover together when his dangerous quest for the truth threatens to send him over the edge. And as she and Dante fi ght for their survival, she realizes they must work together to protect their future -- before his mysterious destiny tears them apart....
My Review: I really loved this book just as I did the first one....Dante is so hot....Heather is so lucky!
Star Rating: 5 Star!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Review: In The Blood (The Maker's Song #2) by Adrian Phoenix

In the bestselling tradition of Laurell K. Hamilton and Patricia Briggs, this thrilling follow-up to the critically acclaimed fantasy debut "A Rush of Wings" is a satisfying and pulse-pounding read, guaranteed to please fans of dark fantasy.


Vampire. Rock star. Begotten son of the fallen angel Lucien. Dante Baptiste still struggles with nightmares and seizures, searching for the truth about his past. It is a quest as seductive as his kiss, as uncontrollable as his thirst, and as unforgiving as his determination to protect one mortal woman at any cost.


FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace now knows the extent of the Bureau corruption that surrounds her, but worries that she is losing the battle. And when Dante and his band Inferno come to Seattle on tour, Heather can’t help but be drawn back to the beautiful, dangerous nightkind. But what Heather and Dante don’t know is that new enemies lurk in the shadows, closer than they think . . . and even deadlier than they fear.

My Review: Awesome Awesome Book!
Star Rating: 5 Star

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Rush of Wings (The Maker's Song #1) by Adrian Phoenix

Book Description: HIS NAME IS DANTE.

Dark. Talented. Beautiful. Star of the rock band Inferno. Rumored owner of the hot New Orleans nightspot Club Hell. Born of the Blood, then broken by an evil beyond imagination.


F.B.I. Special Agent Heather Wallace has been tracking a sadistic serial murderer known as the Cross Country Killer, and the trail has led her to New Orleans, Club Hell, and Dante. But the dangerously attractive musician not only resists her investigation, he claims to be "nightkind": in other words, a vampire. Digging into his past for answers reveals little. A juvenile record a mile long. No social security number. No known birth date. In and out of foster homes for most of his life before being taken in by a man named Lucien DeNoir, who appears to guard mysteries of his own.


What Heather does know about Dante is that something links him to the killer -- and she's pretty sure that link makes him the CCK's next target. Heather must unravel the truth about this sensual, complicated, vulnerable young man -- who, she begins to believe, may indeed be a vampire -- in order to finally bring a killer to justice. But Dante's past holds a shocking, dangerous secret, and once it is revealed not even Heather will be able to protect him from his destiny....

My Rating and Review: 5 STARS,   Well i was a bit lost at first....but it actually started to get even the middle of the book....i was alittle detained cause...i have a cat who reads with me...and she has to be so comfortable...and she also has to hold my bookmark...while i my hats off to you in your next adventures...Madam Phoenix!

Forever Valentine (Brotherhood of Blood #5) by Bianca D' Arc

Book Description: A Valentine's date gone wrong marks the beginning of a love that will last for all time.

Jena knows about vampires, particularly about the one who watches her every step, lest she somehow reveal her knowledge to the mortal world. Ian Sinclair would be her executioner should she even try to share her knowledge, but she doesn't fear him. No, Ian bothers her on an even more elemental level. He's just too sexy for his own good--and hers.

Ian finds himself attracted to the all-too-mortal lady doctor, though he knows better. He's been assigned to watch her, not seduce her, but seduction seems to be all he can think of when he looks at the gorgeous woman who works entirely too hard and has such sad eyes. He feels things he hasn't felt in centuries when she's around, including an unreasonable jealousy when he follows her on a Valentine's date with one of her colleagues.

After the disastrous date, will they both be able to resist temptation when Jena invites the vampire in?

My Rating: 5 STAR ,  
Bianca you did it again...what a great book...

Sweeter Than Wine (Brotherhood of Blood #4) by Bianca D' Arc

Book Description: An abused woman has the power to unite werefolk, fey and vampire against an evil that would see them all dead -- if she can learn to love again. Christy lies near death after a brutal beating by her estranged husband. Her preternatural friends reach a desperate conclusion: The only way to save her is to turn her. Sebastian steps forward to take on the burden of being her Maker. For him its no burden at all. She draws him as no other woman has for centuries. With the help of a werecougar friend, Sebastian teaches Christy about her new life and abilities, making certain she is as strong as he can make her. Only then can she face her abusive ex-husband and put her old life behind her. But Christys ex-husband is involved in something more dangerous than any of them had guessed. Vampire, were, and even a fey knight must work together to put an end to the threatening evil. To overcome her past, help keep the darkness at bay, and fight for a new life with Sebastian, Christy must draw on all of her new-found strength. Will it be enough? Warning, this title contains explicit sex, graphic language, mnage a trois, hot neck biting and werecougar stroking.

My Review: 5 STAR : 
Bianca my dear, you've done it again!!! This book was a great one!!! just like the rest of the series...i guess its on to book 5 or 6 cant remember which one this was!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Phantom Desires (Brotherhood of Blood #3) by Bianca D' Arc

wow is all i got to say Bianca you did it again...way to go.....Dimitri and CArly boy i wish i was her!!!!if i could just put myself in all the girls shoes!!!!!

Rare Vintage (Brotherhood of Blood #2) by Bianca D' Arc

Bianca you did it again!!! Oh my!!! You definitely left me breathless in this book just as you did in number one im almost halfway done book 3 so...all i can say is wow!!! Great job!!!

One and Only (Brotherhood of Blood #1) by Bianca D' Arc

wow like bus crash and hero and moving in with him and now getting married holy crap and to an rich vampire at that now thats hot...and now her friends in trouble and moves in with them so they can keep an eye on her...and now one of the other vampires are trying to get with her...ill take the yellow Lambourghini...bring it on!!! Well done Bianca!!!

Eternal Triangle (D'argent Honor #5) by Ann Jacobs

well Anne you outdone yourself again with another fantastic book...its to bad it ended had a wonderful time with the D'Argent Clan...wish you could have wrote more...but you do have a life other then your characters...thanks again for a lovely series...and it i could give you more stars i would cause i love anything with vampire kink...cause that was just delicious!!!

Jonas (Blood and Sex #2) by Angela Cameron


Michael (Blood and Sex #1) by Angela Cameron

this books was so hot it was wicked at the same time...great book Angela!

Lion's Lady (Lion's #4) by Suzanne Barclay

This book was awesome...and it was my first ever historical romance...and definitely well worth it...definitely a must reread...when i get the chance!!!

Sex With Strings 1-4 by Shona Husk

Shona you have no idea...this book was so EPIC...and Kick-Ass awesome...and can't wait to recommend this book to my friends...i love Erotica & Vampires and you Rocked my world when you wrote this book...!!! I'm now speechless...if i could give you more stars i would...made me laugh made me cry and even pissed me off in some parts hat is off to you...i can't wait to read more of your books...a well deserved 100% loyal Canadian fan XXOO...All the best for 2015!!!!

The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica (Anthology)

  4.5 stars for me...some of the stories were dead on....but some were all over the place...!!! But over all 4.5 for me!!! Thanks for the awesome read!!!!